Who's supposed to eat all that?

Nothing's been done.

We wouldn't mind helping them.

How far is it to the museum?

Squaw Valley, California, is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States.

Check all the loose knots and fasten them tight.

Hey, it's not so bad.

I hear his business is on the verge of going bankrupt.


I don't let it bother me.

Syun cheated on his girlfriend for months.

Who sent them?

The scientists used nanoparticles.

We still use a corded telephone.

How does your opinion differ from his?

Diana acted like a saint.

I'm in the bath.

I've lost something.


This will not cost too much.


Over $30 million in priceless art was stolen from that museum last year.

I spent the weekend with him.

That kind of behavior isn't acceptable.

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Geoff likes pretending that he's the boss.

I can't really put a price on that.

Can you give me a ride to the office on Wednesday?

Do whatever makes you happy.

Here's a list of everything you need to do.


All my friends like them.

Clara has been taking music lessons for months.

He was like a ninja hiding behind one of our cars!

We have already passed the peak of the summer heat, but it's still hot during the day.

Did Naoto sign that confession voluntarily?

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We'll begin when you're ready.

Kyle's body will be cremated.

She made herself up before her visitor arrived.


Put your manners back in!

You guys are a lot of fun.

Kenn likes to be busy and hates sitting around doing nothing.

Drink and eat.

The bank accommodated the company with a loan.

He predicted she would win.

You won't make any progress just studying on the weekends. It's meaningless unless you do it every day.

I'm the second oldest of three children.

Jinchao is almost as old as Lynn.

I try to keep as low a profile as possible.

Where is the capital of the United States of America?

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Fish'n'chips is the most famous English food.

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She goes to the hospital once a week.


Christofer is very curious.

Have you already completed this task?

He did not show up at the party last night.

A good education doesn't imply a good upbringing.

You're just not very good.

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It's been a long time since I've had a real vacation.


There was a crowd of people at the entrance of the theater.

He had his homework done before supper.

Adlai bought Stacey a nice Christmas present.

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The bus was crowded.


She was no longer dependent on her parents.

Terry said he has a lot of homework to do tonight.

The snake swallowed a frog.

I fell in love with her at first sight.

I'm concerned for Eva's safety.


We had to run the gauntlet of entrenched defenders.

You can't talk about politics here.

Didn't Christie say something about that?

Thanks a lot, Jared, but no thanks.

I'm not sure what else I can do for you.


I will graduate in two years.

Rafael is ironing shirts.

I didn't mean to keep it secret.

I'm going to investigate this case.

The tip of the knife blade is sharp.

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Dan has a copy of the police report.

He sowed his field with barley.

The three batters were struck out quickly.


This is a terrible plan.

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Don't repeat yourself.

In point of fact it is difficult to foresee the destiny of people.

They say that many Buddhist monks have exceptional abilities like levitation, abandoning the body and later returning to it at will.

We've got one ourselves.

You get on the JR Chuo Line.

She's at a loss how to make ends meet.

Dan pushed a passerby in front of a passing car.


The spoiled meat had a nasty smell.


Irwin probably thought I was going to be at today's meeting.

You'll give yourself away.

What are you going to make?

Do you know what Rick's favorite food is?

I got in a car accident.

I didn't say anything wrong.

Nothing bothers her.

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He had really come to get gold.


She told a secret.

My father neither smokes nor drinks.

The costs kept rising.

This old fish has a strange taste.

Vishal Jackson is a seasoned diplomat.


He has the eyes of a leopard.

Jason is quite gullible, isn't he?

His idea is too abstract to be of practical use to us.

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I kept this for you.

I will take you to my palace tomorrow.

The surgeon amputated the wrong leg.

Is there a cat under the table?

Please give me some kind of medicine to curb the pain.

You lived alone there.

Other things being equal, I choose the cheaper one.


Capricious as April.

I'm not homophobic, but I have no problem with electroshock therapy for gay people.

By being with wise men you will yourself become wise.

Walt loved your cookies.

The greater the genius, the longer it takes the world to find it out and understand it.


I am going to water the horse.

He is having lunch.

Where did you learn to drive so well?


Ethan hasn't read the report you wrote.

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I know you want to be happy.

I wish they had spelled my name correctly.

Eliot and I get along fine.


Did I mention Benjamin was a doctor?

Weather's been strange the past few years.

You didn't have to leave.

If the life and death of Socrates was the life and death of a wise man, then the life and death of Jesus is the life and death of a God.

I'm not as old as most people think I am.


I'm still intimidated by you.


That was great.


The ax is used for cutting firewood and trees.

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Yes, the apple is red.


Do you know what'll happen next?

Nanda wasn't a bit interested.

Her boyfriend cheated on her over and over again.

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I had a premonition that I would never see Juan again.

Jack was tired, but he looked well.

This coffee is cold.

To try to study when you're sleepy is to waste your time.

Tusnelda was the wife of Arminio.

Stacy tied his laces.

We saw them last night.

There are some people who think it's a bad idea.

While Lex was away from his desk, Cecilia drew a caricature of him on the cover of his notebook.

You are really full of curiosity, aren't you?

According to newspaper reports, there was an airplane accident last evening.


He has nothing to do here.

I spent some good summer vacations!

Harvey was reconciled to his situation and tried to make the best of it.

"Do you have sugar in your tea?" "No way. I'll just have straight tea."

Agatha was waiting for Anatoly to come.


I'll need a few moments alone with Winston.

I could not make myself heard in the noisy class.

This place smells bad.

I was really pleased.

The man in the flat next to Greg is quite odd.

She did not say anything.

She put a lot of sugar in the coffee.

Stuart, would you show Shane how to use the scanner?

It is a dialogue of the deaf.

The key was left in the room.

Steven realized Bea was getting tired.

I really need to talk to you.

The peace negotiations will start this week.

We really need to talk to you.

Drew has turned thirty.